Height 6’1″ / 185cm                           Chest 36″ / 91cm
Weight 10st 3 lb / 65kg                    Hips 30″ / 76cm
Waist 30″ / 76cm                               Inside Leg 35″ / 89cm
Shoe UK 10                                           Sleeve 25″ / 63cm
Collar 13″ / 33cm                               Hat 21″ / 53cm

Equity Member   M00426419


Basic fight and tumbling work. Rachets. Low falls. Wire work. Stair falls. Stunt driving. Car and boat drags. Sub aqua.


Shukokai karate. Shaolin kung fu and modern wushu (including weapons). Gymnastics. Trampoline. Swimming. Single pitch rock climbing. Advanced flexibility. Full car license.


Emergency First Response first aid
PADI Divemaster
Single Pitch Instructor’s Award



Copyright C 2014 Felix Leech

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